Saturday, March 6, 2010

Solar Energy Facts

Here are some very Interesting Solar Energy Facts?

Solar energy provides outstanding benefits in contrast to other types of power. This is particularly true when it arrives to decreasing the pollution. It is calculated in kilowatts per hour and one kilowatt is equivalent to a thousand watts.

Solar energy is accountable for climatic changes and ocean currents. On the other hand, clouds and polluted air can influence and be a barrier to the sunlight energy getting the earth.

The fact is, the sunlight presents a source of free energy that renews by itself every day. It is a great deal better for the atmosphere than the traditional fossil fuels we use today, and it can supply enough energy to provide you the power you need to run your whole household.

Solar Energy Systems Store Energy

One of the most misunderstood fact is that solar powered generators will work on cloudy days. The solar cells collect energy as long as the solar is shining. That energy can be used directly during the day by appliances that are connected to the energy system. The excess energy collected from the sunlight is not lost. A solar energy system will collect and stock up all of the energy in batteries that allow you to draw the energy from the system even when the sun is not shining directly on the panels.

How to make use of solar power energy?

To take an advantage of the sun light, solar electric panels are necessary. They are often known as photo voltaic cells or PV cells. Specifically, solar power electric panels contain a large number of cells that turn solar power radiation to direct electrical energy.

What would be the other nice option to use this energy at homes?

Another form of using solar energy at homes is through solar roof tiles. This option is greatly suggested by money saving professionals. So, what are these tiles, and how do they assist us?

They are tiles, which are designed and built on the same thought of the PVs. In the real world, solar roof tiles should be fitted on the roofs of houses to take in the sunlight light and change it into electricity. As a result, this will help us to lower electricity bills and be a factor to the concept of “go green”.

This is particularly true as there is no doubt that solar energy is not damaging to the environment. Indeed, the use of solar roofing technology is a concept that gels perfectly with the existing roof tiles providing aesthetic value to your house.

t's getting more affordable. When talking about solar energy, fact is that it's getting cheaper and cheaper - by about 5% every year, in fact. Just compare how available the technology is these days and how only NASA was able to obtain it a decade ago, and you'll see that the pattern has long been in favor of the mass market. You really can save money on electrical energy by using solar power.

Even better is the fact that it's also becoming more available. Contractors installing solar power systems are now a common sight, and the rates are typically competitive. Do it yourself solar panel installations are now here.

It's much cleaner than power from fossil fuels. The average American family requires a solar power system capable of generating around 3 kilowatts of juice. Getting that same quantity of energy from usual fossil fuel resources would require burning more than 500 pounds of coal, to produce almost a thousand pounds of carbon dioxide. In contrast, solar panels need minimal maintenance and have completely no emissions.

Cost-wise, equipment still aren't cheap The knowledge is improving all the time on solar power tecnolology. Governments are offering tax breaks to assist the price of solar installations and help you save money on electricity costs. You can also build your own solar panels and save money on start up costs.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Advantage and Disadvantage of Non-Renewable Energy

The Advantages and Dis-advantages of renewable power are an ongoing discussion.

Renewable power arrives from natural resources, as opposed to non renewable power which comes from resources that will one day run out. The benefit of natural resources, is that they are normally cleaner to run, making not as much of of an shock on the environment and we do not require to be concerned about the running out. Renewable power usually comes from water, wind, the sun and the earth's natural heat, or geothermal energy.Human beings require energy to run our world. Every since the industrial revolution, we tend to have required additional and more power each year to maintain our factories, vehicles, air conditioning units, in addition to domestic appliances running. As large nations like China keep on to ramp up industrial production at record rates, the international demand for power has never been greater.

Historically, industrial nations have relied upon fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas to power our economies. Fossil fuels are an illustration of this sort of power resources. There are a lot of specific types of non-renewable energy, including:

* A variety of types of coal such as anthracite, bituminous coal, as well as lignite

* Petroleum products used to make gasoline, diesel fuel, and heating oil

* Natural gas, the methane in which is extracted and used as fuel

* The uranium ore used in nuclear fission reactors is a non-renewable power resource

What is the advantage and disadvantage of non-renewable energy?

1. Extensively available, at least currently

2. Simple to use and engineer, given that it is established upon a simple combustion process

3. Inexpensive

4. Easy to transport and distribute

Disadvantages:1. Contributing to the warming of the planet, or global warming

2. Causes polluting of the environment such as acid rain, that hurts animals in addition to plants around the world

3. Possible foundation of global political conflict, given that many nations are dependent upon other nations for these non-renewable energy resources

While these power resources have a number of advantages. the disadvantages are causing nations, corporations and individual home owners to take action to expand upon our access to renewable energy resources such as water, wind and solar power.

The Future of Renewable Energy
As you can see there will be plenty of benefits from all of these types of renewable energy. While they are all implemented right now on some level, there is still more that needs to be done. We need to learn how to get the maximum benefits from them.

At the same time we need to learn how to reduce the costs involved with getting that energy out of them. That seems to be the biggest hold up with getting them really rolling. The fact that they work and they reduce pollution is very positive aspects that encourage us to move forward with them.

As we come more aware of the fact that we are depleting our energy sources we need to take action now. The more we can learn not to depend on those resources the better off our entire world will be. Take your time to learn all you can about renewable energy too so you can be aware of what is going on around you.

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